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6 Things to look at before hiring a Plumber

6 Things to look at before hiring a Plumber

Sometimes plumbing issues may happen unexpectedly and that\’s when you need to consider using professional plumbing services. Some of the plumbing issues you may encounter include; toilet clogging that you cannot get clear by plunging, sewer pipes that have blocked up or are broken, poor water pressure issues in your plumbing lines, overflowing cisterns, leaking taps, broken gutter pipes, new water tanks and more.

The first thing most people do is search online for a plumber but it\’s difficult to know what exactly you are looking for if you’ve never hired a plumber before. Here are some of the things you need to be on the lookout for before hiring a professional plumber in Toowoomba.


6 Things to look for before Hiring a Plumber

1. Check if they are licensed

All plumbing tradesmen are required to have a valid license for plumbing. Only deal with licensed plumbing companies. Working with such means that they have the necessary skills and qualifications to practice. Organizations such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have Australian Consumer Laws in place.

These laws have what’s referred to as consumer guarantees that protect consumer rights regarding repairs, replacements, refunds or compensation for damages and losses.  All of which are centered around repairmen providing faulty services.

2. Get Plumbing Quotes

Request free plumbing quotes from prospective plumbers in Toowoomba and compare their pricing. When doing the comparison, weigh what needs fixing versus the cost. Also, check the charges for materials and labor. You may find a reliable plumber who is cheaper and does a relatively good job or even better than the expensive one. Choose a reputable plumbing company with valid credentials. Ask your friends, colleagues or family members for recommendations. Alternatively, you could research directories like Yellow Pages to find local plumbing companies.

3. Look at Reviews and Ratings on Google

Go through some of the reviews which are easily accessible on google, will give you an idea of the company’s performance in general. This doesn’t mean you should only depend on these reviews when hiring. Do more research as well.

4. The Plumber\’s Insurance

Accidents may happen at any time. Thus it crucial to deal with an insured plumber. Thus, you should only deal with an insured plumber. They should be insured for general liability and workman’s compensation. Such insurance cover protects the workers handling problems with your plumbing and also covers your home.

5. Conduct somewhat of an Interview

Check the number of years they have been offering professional plumbing services. Getting the services of a plumber with good experience means you’ll stand a better chance of getting great results. Good plumbing work will last longer than poor workmanship. Being really thorough before hiring will save you cost and disappointment.

6. Go through the Company\’s Website 

A company\’s website is often the first point of contact between the company and prospective clients. A professional company should have an informative website with information about the services they offer, business hours, areas they serve and whether they offer emergency services. An informative website is an indicator that the plumbing company values and cares for their prospective customers. A website that is not user friendly will automatically put you off going through it.

Plumbers who provide some form of warranty can guarantee their work. If for whatever reason, the work performed requires additional repairs within let’s say 30 days, you can feel a lot more at ease knowing that the plumber will honor and stand behind his work should something go wrong within that time. This shows that you can trust your plumber and also there is some sort of accountability.

Take note of the plumber\’s soft skills as well. Did they attentively listen to the problems you are facing, were they kind on the phone? Did they keep time? The worst thing that can happen is hiring a rude and inconsiderate plumber. Chances are they may not perform to the best of their ability. Plus who wants to deal with a rude individual anyway.

Reliable Plumbing Company

If you are looking for a professional plumbing company in Toowoomba that you can rely on. Think about calling JH Plumbing & Gas for all your plumbing and gas service requirements. Alternatively if you have any urgent plumbing jobs you can contact us now.

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