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For the sake of your health and the health of your family, it’s important to make sure the water you drink is clean. Backflow testing is about ensuring that it is. “Backflow” occurs when the water in your home (or local area) begins to flow in reverse. It’s a serious problem because it can cause dirty, contaminated water to infiltrate clean potable water.

If you’re in the Toowoomba region, JH Plumbing can carry out testing on your property in order to ensure your water is sanitary and safe to drink

steps you can take to potentially prevent backflow

leave an air gap between implements

use a backflow prevention device

Hire a JH plumbing professional to fix your problems


How It Works

Did you know the water in your home is kept to a standard pressure in order to allow smooth movement from one area of the house to another, whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom or the shower? If something goes wrong and interferes with this process, like a pipe that freezes or bursts, backflow is often the result. Get started today. Check out the contact details below and get in touch with one of our friendly customer service representatives in order to get your backflow tested by the pros.

What causes backflow in the home?

Some of the most common potential courses of backflow in your home include:


This is one of the main causes of backflow. Sometimes inefficient vents or outlets in heaters cause the pressure to rise while the water is heating up. This pushes the water in the wrong direction.  


This is another one of backflow’s main causes and it frequently occurs in sinks and toilets. It occurs when the water pressure drops, becoming lower than the external pressure. This can happen when there is a stoppage in the water supply for any reason.


When the pipes that carry water from your home to the water system experience damage (even normal, age-related wear and tear) backflow can be the unfortunate result.


There are times when the issue isn’t with your own plumbing but with the local area. This is a more difficult situation to resolve and requires cooperation from your local authorities. However, JH Plumbing can still assist you with your personal backflow issues.

Potential sources of backflow?

There are some common potential causes of backflow in your water system including:

  • Swimming pools and ornamental ponds
  • Irrigation systems
  • Fire hose reels
  • Vehicle maintenance pits

How to prevent backflow?

There are a couple of steps you can take to potentially prevent backflow. One is to leave an air gap (i.e. an empty space) between implements such as valves and faucets and any place that water may have a chance to collect. Another is to use a backflow prevention device such as a valve at any particular location in your plumbing system that has a chance of being impacted by contaminated water.

While backflow prevention devices can be very useful and effective, they’re unfortunately not 100% guaranteed to prevent backflow. You may still require the services of JH Plumbing. Luckily we’re professionals in this industry and know exactly what we’re doing and how to fix your backflow problems.

Jh Plumbing – your backflow professionals

At JH Plumbing, we’ll get your backflow issues sorted and get you and your family back to enjoying clean drinking water in no time.

We pride ourselves on being Toowoomba’s plumbing professionals. Backflow is just one area that we can assist with among a range of others. It’s essential to have professionals in your local area that you can trust and here at JH Plumbing, we aim to fulfill that role for the people of Toowoomba.

Even if you haven’t seen any evidence of a problem with your drinking water, it’s important to get the backflow tested regularly. That’s where Jh Plumbing fits into the picture. Give us a call and book a time. We’ll soon come around to your home or business and perform a backflow test to make sure that your water is heading in the right direction. We can install or repair backflow devices, identify any present or potential further issues and make sure your water supply is thoroughly drinkable. We have the knowledge, the training, the techniques, and the skills to carry out proper backflow testing for your property. And we won’t make you pay through the nose for doing it either.


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