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Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889

Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889


5 Bad Shower Habits that will Ruin your Plumbing

5 Bad Shower Habits that will Ruin your Plumbing

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5 Bad Shower 🚿 Habits that will Ruin your Plumbing 💦


Is there anything more pleasurable after a long day’s work than a long hot shower? A few minutes of uninterrupted alone time to think, scrub, sing and indulge in whatever floats your boat. Personally at JH Plumbing & Gas, we like to turn up Spotify’s Singing in the Shower playlist to unwind (judge us not)

Well as enjoyable as your daily shower routine may be, there are a few habits in your process that may be ruining your plumbing! You know what they say about too much of a good thing. 

While we will forgive you for not considering your plumbing whilst taking a shower, we cannot let our loyal readers continue to harm their plumbing any longer. So read on for the possible bad shower habits you may or may not be guilty of! 

1. Long, Hot Showers 

Many a person loves the comforting spa-like feeling of a long, hot shower. However this should be treated as a treat rather than a regular routine. Turning up your shower heat comes with a range of worries, such as creating a pristine environment for mold to thrive (EWWWW). 

Not to mention the dry skin it will give you, but we will leave that for the skin blogs. So, keep your showers at a moderately warm temperature and try not to exceed 10 minutes. You can also help your bathroom help by ensuring you have proper ventilation when showering by opening a window, vent or using a shower fan. 

2. Hair Down the Drain

Naturally, your hair is bound to fall out as you wash it in the shower… however pushing these stray hairs down the drain is one of the BADDEST shower habits. Why? Well, as stray hairs build up in your pipes this can create blockages and even bigger plumbing issues over time. 

JH Plumbing & Gas is regularly called out for pipe blockages caused by hair! You can combat hair blockages by using a drain cover that allows you to collect the hair and dispose of it after your shower. Stray hairs belong in the trash or vacuum, NOT YOUR PIPES. 

3. Leaving your Loofah in the Shower 

We get it, it is wet, you are in a rush and it just makes sense to leave your loofah in the shower ready for your next scrub. No!!! Take it out!!! We hate to break it to you, but leaving that moist loofah unattended in the shower is creating a home for bacteria. 

Bacteria that can infiltrate your plumbing and your skin. Avoid these nasties by wringing your loofah until dry and storing it in a safe, dry location ready for your next wash. You can even go a step further by washing your loofah in antibacterial soap. 

4. Leaving Water Residue on the Floor 

Leaving water on the floor of your bathroom is a big no no. Standing water residue outside your shower, sink and tub can damage your grout, foster mold growth and warp your floor. None of which you want! 

This is a pretty simple habit to break; just mop up excess water, always use a shower mat and try your best not to soak the floor. Easy right?


5. Ignoring Hard Water Build Up

An indicator of hard water build up is a dry, flaky-like substance surrounding the shower nozzle. Ignoring hard water build up can result in blockages at the shower head nozzle and can also have negative effects on your skin. 

Combat hard water build up by rinsing your showerhead with shampoo or vinegar every now and again. 

Avoid these five bad shower habits to promote longevity and good health for your plumbing. If you have any plumbing issues that you think require professional help, then give the team at JH Plumbing & Gas a call today.

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