Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889



Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889

Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889


Hot Water System Repairs Toowoomba

Hot Water System Repairs Toowoomba

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Hot Water System Repairs Toowoomba 

JH Plumbing is Toowoomba’s number one plumber! Trusted by both families and businesses to provide fast, efficient and lasting plumbing services. Because there is nothing worse than being left hanging with a clogged toilet, leaky sink or no hot water. 

JH Plumbing knows hot water!

  • All the best hot water brands

  • Same day hot water repair service available

  • Gas & electric hot water specialists

  • All hot water system repairs & replacements

  • Fully accredited Plumbers & guaranteed work

  • Installation by licensed professionals

Hot Water Systems Repair 

Continuous flow hot water systems 

If you have a large demand for hot water then this is the system for you! Continuous flow hot water systems heat water as it is used, without storing any water and as such you never risk running out.

Mains pressure systems

Mains pressure systems are the most popular hot water system, working by storing hot water in a tank. Pressure is used from the water main to push hot water into the taps at the same pressure as cold water.  

Gravity feed systems 

Gravity feed systems are the more traditional hot water system, seen in older properties. They are installed in the ceiling and heated with electricity. The pressure of the hot water will be a lot weaker than cold water with this system and it has an expected life cycle of 40 years. 

What to do with no hot water?

We have all been there, absolutely freezing first thing in the morning, desperate for the relief of a sizzling hot shower to get us up and ready for the day only to be greeted with an ice cold stream. Is there anything worse? When your hot water system fails, the first thing you ought to do is give us a call, we will send over one of our experts to ensure your back to enjoying hot showers in the quickest time possible. Not only will we fix the problem, we will find the cause and provide you with recommendations. 

You can count on JH Plumbing & Gas

If you have been experiencing hot water issues, you can count on the team at JH Plumbing to get to the route of the problem. We will get the job done quickly, with minimal disturbance to your home or business. Whether you have a specific hot water issue, or simply want some advice on updating your current system our team of plumbing experts are happy to assist in any way possible. 

To schedule your hot water repair or get a quote

Fill out our plumbing quote form on the home page. Contact us today on 0437 922 889




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