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Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889

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How to Avoid Bathroom Renovation Regret 🤦‍♀️🗯️💸

How to Avoid Bathroom Renovation Regret 🤦‍♀️🗯️💸

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How to ensure your bathroom renovation goes perfect

Have you ever seen a contestant of popular home improvement program The Block reveal a new bathroom and thought, I could do that?

It doesn’t surprise us at JH Plumbing & Gas, we have watched more than our fair share of these shows and are shocked at just how easy they make it look to rip out and revamp an entire bathroom! And on a one week time limit no less! 

But take away the flashing lights, the many helping hands you don’t see and expert guidance… and THEN you will be able to clearly see just how uneasy renovating a bathroom truly is. Especially as a DIYer. 

Bearing that in mind, we do not want to scare you away from a bathroom renovation, rather guide you in the right direction. Ask any real estate agent and they will confirm that a new bathroom can massively increase your property value. 

At JH Plumbing we have accrued years of experience in bathroom renovation plumbing and our words of advice are to take your time. Whether you are improving one section of the bathroom or undertaking a full bathroom renovation, take your time to ensure the best outcome.

Plan your Bathroom Renovation & Do your Research

We recommend carefully planning your bathroom renovation and doing your research to ensure you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with this makeover. You should work with reputable companies and tradies who know what they are doing and do not cut corners! Look for tradies who have good reviews and charge industry standard prices. There is a reason there is an industry standard, thats to keep them in business and you want a business that has long term interests in doing a good job.

Despite what you may have seen on the little screen, there are certain areas such as bathroom plumbing and electrical that simply aren’t DIY projects. Trade specialists come with experience, knowledge, insurance and certification to carry out the tasks. Taking on anything plumbing or electrical related yourself, leaves you completely on your own if anything goes wrong.

If you get stuck you can always count on JH Plumbing a local Toowoomba Emergency Plumber if things go wrong.

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Things to consider when hiring a bathroom renovation tradesman? 

  • Check for the appropriate licenses (compliant contractors license) 
  • Check their insurance policy 
  • Check references and past work 
  • Obtain multiple quotes for industry benchmarks 
  • Be cautious of quotes that seem low
  • Ensure quote includes every detail of the project 

We echo the infamous saying about you only getting what you pay for, as many DIYers fall victim to the allure of cheap products. A professional tradesman will use only the best for your bathroom, saving you money on repairs or updates later down the road. 

Another no-no that we witness on these TV shows, is the use of loud, bold colours in the bathroom. This is not recommended if you intend to sell your home at some point, as the popular option is more neutral tones. Not to mention the added work of changing tile colours or what have you. 

Ultimately, your bathroom renovation’s success comes down to the amount of effort and consideration you invest. The use of professionals will only add to your bathroom’s outcome, noting that this home improvement project will add $$$ to your property value. 

If you would like to find out more about bathroom renovations, get in touch with the friendly team of professional Toowoomba Plumbers at JH Plumbing today. 

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