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Toowoomba Plumbing: How to Turn off Your Water Supply Fast – 3 Epic Methods

Toowoomba Plumbing: How to Turn off Your Water Supply Fast – 3 Epic Methods

If your plumbing freezes in winter or springs a leak, you’ll need to turn off your water supply fast and repair your plumbing system. While replacing fixtures, performing maintenance, and changing pipes, you’ll have to turn off your water supply, or you can contact the best Toowoomba Plumbing services. 

Switch off your indoor supply valve when performing plumbing jobs in your home. Here are three methods to guide you.

Method 1: Turn Off the Water to a Fixture

Find the cut off valve nearest to the fixture

Most cut-off valves are located beneath the fixture, usually chrome valves. Showers and sinks can have two valves for cold and hot water.

  • Some Toowoomba plumbing appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines have their shut-off switch on the hose pipe connecting to the wall or on the appliance body.
  •  The cut-off valve of a water heater is usually located above it, on its connected pipe.

Rotate the shut-off valve to the right

This will allow you to stop water from flowing into the fixture. For separate valves like hot and cold, turn both of them off. This will still allow you to use running water in other appliances in your home.

  • Dirty and old valves can be hard to turn initially.
  • Put on utility gloves, use extra force to turn stubborn valves. If still, it won’t turn, use a wrench. 

Make all the necessary plumbing repairs

You can make use of Toowoomba plumbing repairs in case of any repairs such as leaking tap repairs. Once the valve is closed, water should be shut off. 

  • Have a bucket handy to drain any water that is left in between the fixture and the valve. Finally, turn the valve anticlockwise to restore the water supply. 
  • Gravity drains excess water so you’ll need to place a bucket underneath your area of repair. Water will then drain into the bucket once the fastener is loose. 

Method 2: Stop Water Supply into Your Home

Locate the main turn off valve

The shut-off valve is a brass valve with a round handle. It is usually located next to the main water pipe supplying water into your home. Mostly in your kitchen, utility rooms, or downstairs. 

  • It can be found outside the house in warmer regions, however, it’s almost always inside the home in colder regions.
  • You should always shut off the valve closer to the inside plumbing rather than the one next to the street. 

Twist the valve to the right to turn it off

This cuts off the water flow into your home. Protect your hands by wearing a glove when you work on stiff valves and apply elbow grease. Once you turn the valve off, all your home appliances stop working until water flow is restored. 

  • If there’s a reservoir for some of the appliances, they’ll still have limited usage after the cut-off. For instance, your toilets can flush one more time after the water supply is shut off. 

Flush out all the water remaining in the system by turning on all the faucets

Run your baths, showers, and sinks until the water stops coming out. Once all the water completely drains out, turn off all the faucets and safely get to work on all your plumbing repairs.

  • When you’re done, turn the valve anticlockwise to restore the water supply into your home. 

Run each water line and all appliances that use water

To drain air from the faucets, and eventually out of all the water lines and your appliances, you’ll need to run them for some time. 

  • Ensure you also run your washing machine and the dishwasher to make sure they’re working. 

Method 3: Cut the Supply of water to your home

Make a contact to your water company

Your company will allow you access to the lot shut-off valve for a good reason, as long as you have proof of ownership for the property. 

Some of the reasons for this include: 

  • An emergency, such as a burst pipe and there’s a failure in your shut-off.
  • Pipe leaks in between the property and street shut-off valves.
  • When you’re planning to replace your property’s main shut-off valve.

Find the outdoor shut-off valve 

The shut-off valve and the main meter are usually located in the same place in a box with an access cover in most houses. 

  • Find this box in between your home building and the street. 

Remove the cover

Covers can be heavy and difficult to open. Use a screwdriver to make your work easier in opening the lid. 

  • You can also use a wrench with an elongated extension to access valves that are located deeper. In cold climates, this is a common practice. 

Find a small handle or a valve

The small handle or the valve are the two possible shut-offs you may find. The one with a handle is the ball valve while the one whose handle is wheel-shaped is called a gate valve. 

Turn the gate valve clockwise

Turn the gate valve clockwise until it’s fully closed and no more water flowing into the property. When these valves have not been used in a long time, they can lock up, but here’s what to do.

  • Insert a sturdy screwdriver in the time of the wheel to exert additional effort and break free the stubborn valve.
  • If you’ve added extra effort without much success, do not force the valve, instead find the best Toowoomba plumbing services or call a public works assistant for help. 

Turn the ball valve off

Spin the ball valve quarter way. Valves with metal flange will require you to use a pipe to wrench it out. The valve’s handle gets aligned with the pipe when the valve is on. You know the water is off, once the valve and the pipe form an L-shape. 

Adjust the plumbing system once the water is off

Because the pipes in your house will still be holding water, ensure you run them to drain until dry. 

  • Turn on all the faucets and your appliances that use water like baths and showers to quickly drain water in your home.

These three epic methods come in handy in case of a plumbing emergency in your home. Choose one that’s easy for you and run with it before your plumber arrives.

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