Got a clogged drain withstanding? At JH Plumbing we have had to unclog kitchen sinks, toilet and shower drain with standing water and we understand how irritating it is for households. That is why we decided to provide some insight on how you can unblock your drain/s and resolve the problem so it doesn’t keep happening!

This is a messy task that is best left to a professional plumber, however, there are a few steps you can attempt yourself before calling the experts in. Because let’s face it, you have better things to be doing!

What do you need?

A handy plunger

A pair of gloves

A facemask

A drain snake (you can purchase a drain snake at supermarkets or hardware stores for a minimum of $10)

A towel

Prepare – Step One

You will want to prepare for unclogging, by laying a towel (or shower mat) down to catch any water that may splash on the floor. Standing water that has been clogged for a long period of time will quite likely have a foul odor, so we recommend wearing a facemask. A pair of gloves is essential to avoid germs when inserting your hands into the drain/water.

Use the handy plunger – Step Two

The handy plunger provides a neat and easy method of unblocking your drain if you have a soft clog. This is also an ideal option as you do not have to insert your hands into the water.


Place the plunger head against the hole and pump to dislodge the clog. This should work fairly quickly and if it does not then you have a solid clog and will need to continue on to Step Three.

Manually remove the clog – Step Three

Unfortunately, the time has come to reach into the clog and attempt to manually remove it with your hand. This is relatively easy but it can be messy as you are in contact with the standing water.


If you are fixing a kitchen sink there may be food debris involved, shower drains may have hair clogs and toilets may have more unsightly blockages. Your gloves should offer protection against this, however, we always recommend scrubbing your hands with soap immediately after. 


Disassemble the U-Pipe & drain snake

If you have gotten to this point without success, expect things to get messy. There will be a U-shaped pipe under your sink; disassemble this. This pipe is a common cause of clogging in sink systems as grime and dirt accumulate here.


Using the drain snake, attempt to remove or dislodge any debris by fishing the drain snake through the U-pipe or directly through the drain if possible. This should unclog your sink.

Give JH Plumbing a call if all else fails

If this process sounds like an absolute drainage nightmare, then skip getting your hands dirty by giving our friendly team of experts a call at JH Plumbing. We will arrive promptly to assess your blockage, remove it ASAP and determine if this is an issue that may reoccur and how that can be prevented.

There is nothing worse than a clogged drain in standing water – trust us. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately and if your household is full you will know the trouble one less sink can cause!

While step two is fairly easy to attempt yourself, the following steps are less favorable and issues like this are always best resolved by an expert. JH Plumbing is an honorable business you can trust to provide quality plumbing, expert advice, and fair prices.

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