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Practical Summer Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Practical Summer Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Summer for most Australian\’s is the best time of the year where you get to enjoy the warm sun rays, beach events, hangout with friends, colorful summer outfits to match the weather, your vacation mode is turned on and you also get to enjoy all the water sports that are available. But while having all that fun, don’t forget about your home\’s plumbing system as this season tends to bring a few setbacks.

During this time, water usage normally increases up to two or four times than the usual. The heat and activities that come with the season may bring a kind of different strain to your plumbing system. To avoid these strains from sabotaging your system and costing you quite the dollar, you need to be well prepared. With that being said, check out some of these practical summer plumbing maintenance tips that will keep you well prepared and ahead of any problems that may want to crop up.

Ensure your drains and pipes are well cleaned

During the autumn season, it\’s likely that you will find leaves have accumulated in your gutter, drain and pipes which could be a problem. You can easily clean up these areas by blowing off or brushing the leaves from the roof and putting them in the trash bags. This is also a good time to inspect your gutters for cracks, leaks and rust. After that before hosing down your gutter, use your hands to collect the remaining bulk of decomposing leaves, small plants, moss and branches. Alternatively, you can call professionals to help you with the cleaning if you prefer not to do it yourself. If your drains and gutters are not cleaned, the leaves and other debris may cause blockage which may lead to other plumbing problems.

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Keep an eye out for leakages

Like we mentioned earlier, during this season your water usage doubles or triples because your need for water during the hot seasons tends to increase. This is why it\’s important to check whether your pipes, toilet and any other plumbing appliances you have are leaking. You tend to lose and waste so much water with these leakages that eventually spike your water bill. With that being said, if you suspect any leaks get in touch with your professional plumber. Also note that once in a while as a homeowner it\’s important for you to arrange maintenance inspections for your plumbing system.

Use more efficient appliances

If you intend on replacing your old plumbing parts and appliances, going the cheaper route and buying cheaper parts doesn’t guarantee you that it will be more efficient than expensive ones or vice versa. It\’s important that you consult your professional local plumber on the most effective and efficient parts you can purchase. Some of these efficient appliances include water saving showerheads and low flow taps. With the excessive heat, the first thing one rushes to do once they get home is grab a glass of water then take a shower. If your household has more than four occupants, you can imagine how much water is used, but with these appliances you can save so much more as compared to the usual ones. Other efficient appliances you can consider installing include toilets, washing machines and dishwashers.

Cover up your pool

With the excessive heat during the summer, the evaporation process tends to happen quicker than usual hence your pool loses water at a faster rate. The pool cover will prevent excess heat from reaching the water plus it also traps moisture so it doesn’t evaporate in the air. The covering will help you reduce your water bill as you won’t have to keep refilling your pool often. Pool covers also retain heat and may keep it warm enough for the next day. Choose sturdy vinyl or solar covers.

Don’t forget to inspect your dishwasher and washing machine

During this time, there are usually so many outdoor activities one can engage in which then leads to piles upon piles of laundry to deal with, especially if you have a toddler in your home. Not to mention, summer time is usually one of the best seasons to host family and friends, have barbeques, pool parties and much more. So I bet you can imagine the number of times you may be cleaning dishes during this period. That\’s why making sure all your appliances are effectively working and have no leaks is important. Make sure that these machines are properly connected to avoid chaos.

In conclusion, make sure you fix and buy anything that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Doing all this and more early will make sure that you and your family have the best summer ever. If you need any advice or fixing, make sure to give the team at JH Plumbing and Gas a call.


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