We all consider our pets as part of the family and we love them dearly. Just like any other family member, pets can be quite cheeky and a handful too. You will either find them chewing on your charging cord, your shoes or they will make a total mess of your home. Guess what they can tamper with as well? Your household fixtures such as your plumbing. Many households have been through pet related plumbing problems. As much as our furry friends don’t intentionally do it tends to happen especially when you are not aware. To avoid this from happening, we have discussed tips on how to pet proof your plumbing not only to protect your plumbing fixtures like pipes but also to protect your pets from harming themselves.

Cover any pipes that are exposed

Pets such as dogs can easily chew through your pipes causing damage to them and to fix this, you will have to cough up some money which may cause a dent on your wallet. As much as you may want to ignore the damage done and postpone fixing it, further delay can cause things like your water bills to rise due to leaks caused by the tears on the pipe. Not to mention that the pipes may be made with toxic material which can affect your dog. Consult your local plumber on the materials you can use to cover up your pipes.

Be careful with what your flush down the drain

Sometimes it may be convenient for you to flush kitty litter down the toilet as most packaging may say it’s okay to do so. Though one is advised to avoid that as kitty litter can easily clog your drains causing serious damage. The only thing you should flush down your toilet is human waste and toilet paper. Furthermore, your cat’s waste contained in the litter can contain chemicals that can affect your water supply.  Therefore, dispose of the litter the right way by putting it in the trash and away from your pipes.

Keep an eye out for where your dog digs

If your dogs love digging, make sure you keep an eye on it to avoid them from digging too deep in your backyard. Dogs can easily dig their way down through sewer lines rapturing them in the process. If possible make sure your dog is supervised or you could call a technician and have them mark where your sewer lines are which will make it easy for you to prevent your dog from digging there.

Keep your toilet lid down

You may have caught your dog drinking out of the toilet one too many times. Closing your lid is not mainly because of your plumbing system safety but most the safety of your pet. The cleaning chemicals you use to make your toilet stay fresh are harmful and unhealthy to your pets. Additionally, smaller pets can easily fall in the toilet creating a huge mess and of course a scare. You can also avoid your pets from drinking the toilet water by making sure their water bowls always have water in them and the pets can easily access it.

Look into installing pressure balancing valves

A pressure balancing valve makes sure that in case one flushes the toilet while you are in the middle of showering, you won’t be unexpectedly hit by either super cold water or scorching hot water. Installing these valves will definitely avoid accidents from happening as hot water can jet out from faucets suddenly burning anyone who happens to be using the water.

Use drain guards 

Some pet owners opt to wash their pets in the bathtub or sometimes even the sink. Knowing how playful pets such as dogs and cats can be, they always have mud, grass and dirt stuck between their furs which can easily flow down the drain not to mention their fur as well if your pet is prone to shedding. Drain guards use mesh to collect dirt and fur stopping it from going down the drain hence clogging it.

Place your cleaning products out of reach

Pet proofing is similar to toddler proofing in the sense that you are always hiding or putting away harmful stuff. Pets are naturally curious and when they come across your cleaning products, they might end up licking it or pouring it all over the bathroom floor and rubbing themselves all over it. If by any chance they ingested the products, it may have serious consequences to their health. A bonus point is that you should avoid having chemical drain cleaners in your home as they are not only harmful to your pets but they also damage the pipes as well.

In case your pet has caused any plumbing problems, make sure to get in touch with the team at JH Plumbing and Gas and we will lend you a helping hand.

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