Summer has arrived and if you are anything like us at JH Plumbing & Gas you are taking two showers a day, filling up eskies, hosing off the dog and drinking a LOT of ice cold water. Who could blame you?! 

Unfortunately over the holidays many customers experience an increase in their water bill due to the heat and added need for water. This can be frustrating and many households are keen to do something about it! 

If you are reading this blog then you have your wits about you… you went looking for some hot tips on the interweb on how to best prepare your home for the hotter months. And guess what, you have come to the right place! 

Here are some helpful and relatively easy things you can do around the house to make your summer months a little cooler. 

4 Plumbing Tips to Cool Your House for Summer


1. Have your gutters and downpipes cleaned 

During summer you should be trying to capture as much water as possible in your gutters and one of the biggest obstacles to this is a build up of leaves and debris! While you may be sweet as rain during the winter, this lost water will be missed in the heat of Summer. Why not give a member of our team a buzz to do it for you?

2. Have pipe inspections carried out 

What are we more likely to need more of during summer? Showers! Baths! Water in general! So have your pipes inspected and confirmed as up for the challenge so you aren’t left hot and bothered with a blockage on your hands (can you think of anything worse)! 

3. Check taps, pipes and sprinklers for leaks

Water leaks may not sound like much of a problem for the untrained ear but to us plumbers that screams INCREASED WATER BILLS! We recommend having your taps, pipes and sprinklers checked for leaks ASAP so you avoid spending money on water you are not receiving. 

Broken Taps: Leaking Tap Repair

4. Save on hot water heating  

A cheeky tip, to cut costs on your hot water bill, turn down the heat in summer. After all, you will likely be having cooler showers and less of a need for hot water. This is a great way to balance the bill when your showers increase during the hot period. 

Broken Heating System: Hot Water System Repairs Toowoomba | Hot Water Inspection

Ultimately, the best way to survive summer is to be conscious! Conscious of your home’s current condition, what you can do to maximise on the water you do have and how you can minimise your water bill. So start by having your gutters and downpipes cleaned, have your pipes inspected, check your taps, pipes and sprinklers for leaks and save on hot water heating by turning your heat down!

It has been our pleasure to provide you with these tips on how to prepare your home for Summer. The friendly team at JH Plumbing & Gas provides all the mentioned services and would be happy to help in anyway possible this summer! Just give us a call.

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