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Water Tanks – Everything you need to know before buying

Water Tanks – Everything you need to know before buying

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Are you an environmentally conscious homeowner looking to do your part in reducing your eco footprint? Or perhaps you have made the move to the country and heard about the many benefits water tanks can provide? Whatever you reason for looking into water tanks, you have come to the right place. 

Article Overview 

What are Water Tanks? 

Let\’s begin with the simple stuff, like what a water tank even is. Water tanks are large containers that are used to store water. This stored water can then be used as a source of drinking water, extra water for your gardening and more. Water tanks are often an essential for homes far from a continuous source of water. Stored water also offers a smart safety net for difficult times such as during a drought. 


What are Water Tanks used for? 

Drinking Water

The most obvious and common use of water tanks is for storing and providing drinking water! We all know that water is essential for us as humans, so water tanks provide a great source of water for those in more regional country or for those wanting to cut costs on their water bill. It is however strongly advised to test the quality of this water prior to drinking.

Fire and Emergency Use 

Australia is one of the driest countries in the world and water tanks can provide an added layer of protection during fire season. Having readily available large quantities of water on your property can make all the difference in saving your property during an emergency. 

Irrigation and Agricultural Use

Water tanks provide a great backup for maintaining the quality of your garden during the dryer months. Especially useful for agricultural farmers or those who grow their own fruit and vegetables. Collected water is a more environmentally friendly method of watering your garden and crops. 

Household Use

Aside from the already mentioned, stored water can be utilised among most household activities such as laundry, dishwashing and showering. Ultimately reducing your water bill. 


What sources of water are available for Water Tanks?


Obviously, rainwater is a fantastic source of water for water tanks to collect and store. Rainwater is the easiest kind of water to collect, as it runs off your roof into your tank. It is always worth checking the condition of rainwater prior to drinking it. 


Groundwater is heavily relied upon during droughts and long periods without rainfall. To collect groundwater you will require a dug up well close to your tank to allow for the collection of water. You should be sure to filter groundwater prior to drinking as it may include dirt from the ground. 

Natural Bodies of Water 

For those readers lucky enough to have a natural body of water nearby this can be a great source of water for your water tank. You can leverage the water from streams, lakes and dams as a water source. Again, always check the quality of the water and whether there are government enforced restrictions on accessing water from the area. 


Types of Water Tanks 

  • Plastic rainwater tanks
  • Steel tanks
  • Concrete water tanks
  • Fibreglass 

Where to put your Water Tank? 

  • Underground
  • Ground-level 
  • Overhead 

Choosing the right Water Tank 

There are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the right water tank for your property and needs. At JH Plumbing & Gas we offer expert guidance and installation on water tanks. 
The primary consideration is how much water do I need to survive scarce times? Consider whether you live in a rural area or the city. Whether you have a large family or a smaller one. How much water you use daily and how much you can cut back.

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