Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889



Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889

Got a Plumbing Emergency? Call us now: 0437 922 889


When should I hire a Plumber? 🛠️

When should I hire a Plumber? 🛠️

The answer to that can vary depending on the job at hand. If it is a major job requring replacement of any piping underneath a house, plumbing up of new systems and anything you can\’t fix yourself.

A plumber is a specialised tradesman hired to repair and maintain all elements of water supply including pipes, taps and fittings, washers, kitchens, bathrooms, gutters and apparatus.  

With plumbing jobs in Toowoomba varying in scope from a simple leaky tap, to complete installation of hot water systems, it can be hard to know when it\’s time to call a plumber. 

Don\’t cause more damage…

While it seems easy to grab your toolbox and DIY the minor issues yourself, plumbing is a skilled profession and best practice in industry protocol must always be followed to avoid causing more damage requiring serious repair.

Don\’t throw plumbing problems in the ‘too hard basket\’ or keep your fingers crossed they\’ll clear themselves. Take the right steps to ensure the plumber jobs around the house are completed to a high standard to gurantee you won\’t need to call the plumber to fix some other tradesmans job.

Meet our local Toowoomba Plumbers…

JH Plumbing & Gas are a team of expert plumbers servicing the Toowoomba area and Lockyer Valley for over 10 years. You can count on our friendly customer service team for swift communication and responses. The team prides itself on providing a high customer satisfaction rate. You can read our reviews on Google.

Hire a local plumber if you notice the following:

Smell of sewage

A bad lingering odour similar to rotten eggs or waste may indicate blocked sewage pipes. A local plumber will detect the source of the pipe blockage and efficiently and use appropriate tools to clear the blockage leaving life more pleasant for everyone.

Slow drainage

If it’s taking longer than usual for water to drain down the plughole, generic blocked drain solutions may clear minor blockages. For more severe drain blockages, don’t risk damaging fixtures and fittings with incorrect plunging techniques sticking things down the pipes making it worse, it’s time to hire a plumber.

How to Unclog Drains with Standing Water?

Drop in water pressure

Slow running taps or a drop in water pressure may be a sign of damaged pipes, washes time to be replaced or a water leak. What is a shower without strong water pressure? Very unpleasant one for most especially when it is cold.

Hire JH Plumbing & Gas to take a thorough look at piping and prescribe the fastest and most cost-effective solution.

Gurgling and bubbling in the toilet

A gurgling noise or bubbles coming from the toilet bowl may indicate the air is struggling to escape, likely caused by a blocked pipe or drain deeper in the piping system underneath the house.

If the sewage can\’t escape through the pipes, it won\’t be long before dirty water won\’t flush either and will be forced back over the toilet leading to a messy flood. Hire a local Toowoomba plumber before the problem escalates, blocked toilets never fix themselves!

Water in the pipes when taps are off

The sound of water running through the pipes when taps are off may indicate a water leak. Make sure all taps and water equipment are switched off at the water mains and check the water meter. If the meter changes within an hour, a water leak is likely to be present and you should hire a plumber.

Give JH Pluming & Gas a call next time you are in need of a quality plumber to get the job done right. A team of plumbing experts you can rely on.


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